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Are you a college student struggling with mental health challenges? DC Talk Therapy is here to help. Alex Rudy, LPC, has several years of experience working with this population and understands their unique needs.

Do you struggle with difficult emotions? DC Talk Therapy therapist Carla Brun, LICSW, is here to help. Ms. Brun has years of experience helping those with anxiety, depression and new motherhood.

Do you struggle with anxiety? DC Talk Therapy has you covered. DC therapist Miranda Jean, LICSW, can help you identify the sources of your anxiety and help you develop effective coping strategies.

Don’t know how to become a new client at DC Talk Therapy? Office administrator Amy Brezee walks you through the quick and easy steps.

Learn resiliency skills with David Sternberg, LICSW, one of the therapists at DC Talk Therapy.

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