November 2022: Trust Issues? Infidelity? Anger?

October 2022: National Depression/ Mental Health Screening Month & Welcomes a New Therapist

July 2022: Surviving Challenging Times

May 2022: Mental Health Awareness Month & Expanded Evening Hours

March 2022: DCTT Celebrates 10 Years & Welcomes New Therapist

October 2021: Feeling SAD?

August 2021: Back to Business

June 2021: The Law of OHIO & Other Tips

May 2021: Ways to Lesson Your Anxiety Post-COVID

January 2021: DCTT Welcomes a New Therapist

December 2020: Substance Abuse Specialist Joins Us

November 2020: 5 Ways to “Winterize” Yourself

October 2020: World Mental Health Day 30% Off First Session

August 2020: More Evening/Weekend Hours & A New Therapist

May 2020: Community & Connection, vol 3

April 2020: Community & Connection, vol 2

April 2020: Advice For Couples to Cope During Pandemic

April 2020: Community & Connection During Coronavirus

March 2020: Coping with Stress & Anxiety

March 2020: FREE Morning Meditation & Support Group

October 2019: 5 Ways to Lessen Stress and Announcing New Therapist

August 2019: Struggling With Anxiety? – Upcoming Therapy Groups

July 2019: Announcing New Staff

April 2019: Announcing New Therapist

February 2019: Women’s Group Now Forming

December 2018: Announcing New Therapist

October 2018: Want to Improve How to Communicate with Your Partner?

July 2018: What Happens After Pride? Five Ways to Reconnect

August 2017: How Psychotherapy is Like Improv Comedy

March 2017: How to Make Your Resume Stand Out

February 2017: Perfection is Not the Goal, Change Over the Long Haul Is

January 2017: Anxiety Group Now Forming

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