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Sophie Bauer is a licensed clinical social worker providing individual counseling to young adults (20s and 30s). She helps clients with OCD, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, relationship problems and stress related to life transitions. Ms. Bauer is in the process of becoming a certified OCD specialist. In addition to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment…

Carla Brun provides individual counseling, specializing in anxiety, trauma, PTSD, self-esteem and identity issues. In addition to being a licensed clinical social worker, Ms. Brun is also a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, designated by the International Association of Trauma Professionals. As the daughter of Bolivian immigrants, Ms. Brun is sensitive to the unique challenges of…

Marjorie de Veer provides individual counseling for anxiety, depression, adult ADHD, trauma and grief. Ms. de Veer sees clients of all ages but mainly works with young adults (20s and 30s). She primarily utilizes a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) framework. CBT is a heavily researched and popular form of psychotherapy that links our thoughts to…

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