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About Marjorie de Veer

Marjorie de Veer provides individual counseling for anxiety, depression, adult ADHD, trauma and grief. Ms. de Veer sees clients of all ages but mainly works with young adults (20s and 30s).

She primarily utilizes a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) framework. CBT is a heavily researched and popular form of psychotherapy that links our thoughts to our feelings and behaviors. If we’re able to challenge our distorted or irrational thoughts, and replace them with more rational ones, we may be able to change our resulting feelings and behaviors.

CBT has been found to be particularly helpful in the treatment of anxiety and depression.

Ms. de Veer also draws on complementary modalities, including mindfulness, exposure therapy, creative arts and stress management.

Ms. de Veer has been a practicing psychotherapist since 2006. She spent 10 years living overseas, working with American expatriates experiencing cultural adjustments, in Hanoi, Vietnam, and Bogota, Colombia, so she has a deep understanding of the challenges of living in a foreign country.

A native of Long Island, N.Y., Ms. de Veer has a master’s degree in clinical social work from Columbia University and a bachelor’s degree from DePaul University in Chicago. In addition, she holds a certificate of advanced training in traumatic stress and will soon be a certified ADHD professional.

Ms. de Veer offers daytime and evening appointments. She provides in-person and online therapy on a variety of video platforms.

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