• Are you a 20- or 30-something struggling with anxiety or depression?
  • Do you feel confused about your career path?
  • Do you have trouble starting and maintaining relationships?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, we can help. We have a team of knowledgable and experienced therapists who provide high-quality individual therapy. All of us are dedicated to help you overcome your biggest challenges and concerns.

125 Years of Individual Therapy Experience

The therapists at DC Talk Therapy have more than 125 years of combined experience providing individual counseling. They continue to get advanced training to hone current skills or learn new ones as a way to serve our clients in the best way possible. Since we opened in 2012, our therapists have helped more than 1,500 clients. 

DC Talk Therapy has some of the best anxiety therapists in Washington, D.C, as evidenced by being recently voted as one of the three best therapist practices in Washington, D.C.: https://threebestrated.com/therapists-in-washington-dc

We understand the unique challenges of millenials. We’re here to help you navigate through what is often a turbulent period. The time between college and middle age is full of challenges, big decisions and important milestones. For those in their 20s and 30s, it can be a confusing and anxious time, as they try to figure out who they most want to be with and what they most want to do. The good news is you don’t have to go through it alone.

Our therapists will work with you to identify and explore problem areas. Then we’ll help you develop new skills so you can make positive changes in your life. We’ve had excellent results helping people who feel “stuck” in different areas of their lives. They’ve gone on to become more hopeful, energetic and decisive.

How Our Therapists Work

Most of our therapists who provide individual therapy work from a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) model. We look to highlight a client’s self-defeating thought patterns or irrational beliefs and connect those patterns to negative feelings and harmful behaviors.

A common example of a self-defeating thought pattern is perfectionistic thinking. That type of thinking is unreasonable and rigid and it leaves little room for error. Furthermore, it can reinforce feelings of failure or disappointment.

Some of our therapists incorporate other approaches and forms of therapy. These include mindfulness, insight-oriented therapy, solution-focused therapy, psychodynamic therapy and EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing).

Our therapists typically meet with clients once a week for individual therapy. Occasionally we’ll meet twice a week if more intensive work is needed. Individual counseling sessions last 45-50 minutes. Some of our therapists offer longer sessions (75 or 90 minutes), a popular alternative for those looking to make rapid progress. Others offer half sessions (25 minutes).

All of our therapists offer online therapy on HIPAA-secure video platforms like Doxy and Zoom.

Since we see a lot of clients with anxiety and depression, medication is sometimes warranted. Our D.C. therapists work closely with several psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners and primary care doctors.

To make an appointment for individual therapy with any of the therapists at DC Talk Therapy, please call our office at 202.588.1288 or email us at info@dctalktherapy.com

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