Happy marriage at the and of therapy session

Do you have ongoing hurts or resentments?
Has there been a betrayal of trust? Cheating? Affairs?
Is there distance or lack of closeness in your relationship?

If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of these questions, it’s time to take action now.

Barbara Donesky, LICSW, is our couples therapist/marriage counselor at DC Talk Therapy. She has effectively counseled hundreds of couples during her career. Ms. Donesky will help you and your partner identify the core problems and provide you with the tools you need to improve the communication, trust and connection in your relationship.

The main problem for most couples is a lack of skills — often in the areas of communication, anger management, conflict resolution and/or intimacy skills. You may not know how to resolve resentments; emotional or physical affairs; anger, or a lack of closeness in your relationship. But the good news is that these skills can be taught to motivated couples.

Ms. Donesky incorporates elements of several different couples therapy models and approaches, including John Gottman, Imago Therapy and Harville Hendrix. She tailors her approach to each couple’s specific needs. Her style is engaging and non-judgmental, with a focus on skills-building and increasing empathy between partners.

Ms. Donesky sees straight couples and gay couples. She offers daytime and evening appointments (until 10 pm), as well as Saturday appointments (9 am-4 pm). In addition to traditional 60-minute sessions, Ms. Donesky offers 90-minute sessions for those interested in more intensive work. Many couples have found those longer sessions to be helpful, particularly early in treatment. She also provides short-term premarital counseling for engaged couples.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Solve your relationship problems and create a healthy and loving relationship today. To make an appointment with Ms. Donesky for couples therapy/marriage counseling, call our office administrator Leah Sugarman at 202.588.1288 or email us at info@dctalktherapy.com.