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What our clients say...

To give you an idea of the benefits of working with our DC therapists, here are some testimonials from former therapy clients:

“I first started sessions with David because I was struggling with aspects of my new marriage. David created such a safe and non-judgmental environment that I was able to understand and address the issues in my marriage. My spouse and I are now happier than we have ever been, and we feel confident about our future. It’s wonderful. And through my sessions I got the courage to finally address an issue I had been struggling with and hiding from for over 14 years — something that I never thought I could do.I would strongly recommend David to anyone who is looking for an honest space to address their troubles, learn better coping skills, and never feel judged. You’ll walk out happy and confident.”– Anonymous, Washington, D.C.
“It’s been about a year since I first visited you and sought help for my depression and anxiety. Our sessions really helped me work through a lot of issues that were causing me such pain. I’m happy to report that a year later things are going pretty well…Through the talk therapy I learned some useful coping mechanisms that I continue to use today. These really help to minimize the anxiety and allow me to move past it.I believe the depression to be gone. I’ve gone off of the anti-depressants and don’t feel as sad as I did for so long. I feel like I’ve taken my life back…Working with you was one of the best investments I’ve ever made in myself. Many, many thanks.”– Chris H., Washington, D.C.
“I came to DC Talk Therapy ‘sick and tired of feeling sick and tired’ but unsure if therapy was for me. From the first meeting with Kathy I was put at ease and felt like I had a partner who was invested in getting me to a better place. We worked on putting a safety net under the current situation, and I learned basic coping skills. From this solid foundation, we were able to work through the day-to-day issues and discover the long-term root causes.Throughout the process, Kathy guided me with a light, encouraging touch, which allowed me to gain insights that have taken root. I am far healthier and happier today due to my partnership with the folks at DC Talk Therapy and recommend them without hesitation.–C.S., Alexandria, Va.
Erin at DC Talk Therapy was the first therapist I have ever seen, and the impact on my life has been profound. As a career military officer, being the “tough guy” who can handle anything has been a cornerstone of my success, but it left me completely unequipped to handle the pain of an unexpected divorce, the approach of retirement, and the joys and challenges of a second marriage and fatherhood.Erin was patient, persistent and dialed-in to my situation and my needs very quickly. She provided a safe, encouraging space to let my emotions and thoughts have their say, then taught me the skills to maintain good mental health for a lifetime. If you are considering therapy, do yourself a favor and contact Erin.”– Anonymous, Washington, D.C.
“I am very happy with my decision to go to DC Talk Therapy. Prior to scheduling a visit, I was suffering from a lot of anger and anxiety over where I was in my life. Through my conversations with Ms. Clemson-Hines, I was able to identify the areas where I could truly improve upon myself and what was bothering me. I am now much happier and feel confident that I have the ability to deal with the stresses of life. I highly recommend the professionals at DC Talk Therapy and would feel more than comfortable returning.”– MM, Washington, D.C.
“I had never sought therapy before so it was difficult for me to wrap my head around doing it for the first time but I was seeking clarity and perspective that people in my life were not able to offer. David made me feel very comfortable because he has a calm and positive vibe about him. What he helped me to do was separate the feelings I was having that were rational from the ones that were clouding my judgment. He helped me to see the unhealthiness in some of my relationships and how I could navigate back to “being me”.David is a great listener and very attentive.He asked questions and offered advice when it mattered the most. I always felt like my story was important. I remember leaving DC Talk Therapy for the last time feeling optimistic, positive and full of life. I would recommend David to anyone going through a tough time.”– M.W., Silver Spring, MD
“Seeing David was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. It’s always difficult taking that first step in seeking help, but from the very first session with David, I experienced an almost immediate sense of progress and empowerment as he helped me to identify, understand, and ultimately overcome problems that previously seemed insurmountable. He is a highly effective therapist, and I recommend him in the strongest of terms.”– S.F., Washington, D.C.
“I credit David’s counsel for helping me to achieve huge improvements in my quality of life. My previous experiences with traditional psychotherapy had been very disappointing because I had been encouraged to dwell on the past without ever tackling my problems. That approach got me nowhere quickly; in fact, it fueled my anxiety and depression. David immediately understood this and helped me identify ways to shed my self-imposed limitations, deal with problems that seemed insurmountable, and eventually to genuinely grow into myself. His approach was both rational and thoughtful. I am still amazed at the dramatic improvement I was able to achieve after just a few months.”– J.C., Washington, D.C.
“After years of trying various kinds of psychoanalytic therapy, I still had the same problems — low self esteeem, feelings of powerlessness, and general depression exacerbated by any kind of professional crisis. Within a very short time, I learned from David Sternberg how to change my own behavior, forget the past and focus on better results in the future. Cognitive behavioral therapy is truly a life-saver because it gave me the tools to obtain better results. By focusing on problems I could solve, and learning how to be assertive, I was able to transform what seemed to be a truly horrible situation (loss of job) into a wonderful steppingstone for the future.David suggested various strategies to eliminate self-destructive tendencies and instead make decisions that would enhance my ability to not just function, but to perform very well. As a result of his help, I now feel better than I have ever felt in my entire life — and that’s some five decades. I give David Sternberg my very highest recommendation.”– Anonymous, Washington, D.C.
“I went to David Sternberg after years of what I consider unsuccessful psychotherapy, i.e., a lot of talk and no action. I have to admit that I was more than a little bit skeptical about the benefits of cognitive behavioral therapy, but I was desperate and gave it a try. I can only describe the results as miraculous. In a few short months my life has changed for the better. Cognitive behavioral therapy works because it is results-oriented. David has provided me with the tools to modify my troubling ways of thinking. I now successfully apply these methods in every aspect of my daily life. As a result, I have enjoyed the longest period of mental health that I’ve had in years. I cannot recommend David Sternberg highly enough.”– J.M., Washington, D.C.
“I found myself at a point in my life where I recognized patterns that I didn’t want to repeat but also knew that I had recognized similar patterns before and yet done it anyway, only to wake up on the other side, saying “What was I thinking?” I felt out of rational control of my life. I also felt at the end of my rope. So here I was, at the threshold of another questionable, life-altering, 180-degree, direction-changing, manic decision-making pattern in my life, a point where I knew if I didn’t get some outside help that I might again do something reckless and damaging to myself and others. I did not trust my own judgment. I was depressed and fearful, and my doctor gave me David Sternberg’s name and number.I believe in therapy, had benefited from it before, so I was ready for David and ready to do the work. And he created the most accepting, safe environment for me to come to and vent every Saturday morning. Each week I looked forward to our sessions, and sometimes it was the only structure I had on the weekend. Our sessions always went by too fast. At the end of each session, regardless of how crazy, manic, emotional or fearful I was, David would make simple and clear suggestions for things I might consider looking at or doing the next week that might make me feel better.Over the course of nine months or so, we managed to discover the truth about what I needed and who I really was. Because of that I was able to make the very significant decision to let go of a job and a city that wasn’t right for me; I was a square peg in a round hole. I made a very sound, rational decision that I’m confident about, and I feel so optimistic about my future. When I came to David I felt dead inside. I didn’t want to commit suicide, but I didn’t want to live either, if that makes sense. I was very fragile.

I can only speak to my experience with David, but he was the perfect person at this time in my life to help me through this process. I feel I know myself better, and I look at my life with hope for a great future. I have gotten back that feeling that something great is just around the corner. I now move through life with the expectation of joy and happiness. I’m prepared for the next phase in my life. I’m not through with therapy, but I can scratch off this big issue thanks to David Sternberg. Be ready to be honest but gentle with yourself, feel safe that you won’t be judged, and keep coming and working toward your goal, whatever it is. One step at a time. You’re in good hands with David.”– C. Shaw, Washington, D.C.

“I initially started meeting with David to work through some issues I was facing in a relationship that I was in, but he quickly helped me identify some other important areas in my life that I wanted to work on and improve. I really valued and appreciated the feedback that I received from David. We met on Monday mornings and our meetings provided a nice framework for how I approached each week; throughout the week I would keep things we discussed at the forefront, and our discussions really made a positive impact on my interactions with a number of people in my life.”– G.D., Washington, D.C.
“Working with David was very productive and helpful. He and I set specific goals for my therapy, and he worked with me to make steady and continuous progress toward those goals over a few months. I continue to use the tools I learned with David to improve my life. I highly recommend him to others looking for a therapist in the DC area.”– J.G., Washington, D.C.
“Making the call to schedule my first appointment was the hardest part, walking out of the office after my 10th session feeling confident with who I am and what I want in my life was the best part. David empowered me to really look at who I am and what I wanted in my life. He taught me techniques to be more assertive in all aspects of my life, which ultimately helped build my confidence and self esteem.”– Anonymous, Washington, D.C.
“I worked with David for 4-5 months and made progress very quickly, as he helped me understand my issues and how those made me feel. He educated and empowered me to live a richer and healthier emotional life. I’m able to sleep, handle stress and manage my anxiety better. I’ve also noticed I’m reaching a better balance between work and the rest of my life…I would absolutely recommend David Sternberg to family and friends.”– JC Rivera, Columbia, MD.
“Over the course of a few months David’s attentive listening and noticing helped me resolve some painful issues. I enjoyed my visits with David and was almost sorry to stop seeing him when our work was done. David works relatively quickly (I saw him for about three months) but the benefit has been lasting. I would seek his help again if I found myself stuck in a bad place, and I recommend him without reservation.”– Jon, Washington, D.C.